Provider of Quality Customized CD Business Cards.

  • Personal CD Business Cards

  • Custom CD-Based Presentation Cards

  • Security Encryption

  • Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of travel

  • Can be shipped in an envelope

  • Always adaptable to your ongoing needs



Personal CD Business Cards 
have a 50MB data capacity
and are played simply by
inserting the card into the
inner tray of any CD-ROM
drive. Although rectangular
in shape they play just like
a round disk and their unique
shape makes them stand out
in any Rolodex™ and attract
the curiosity of onlookers



In addition to the business 
card application, CD cards 
are perfect for 3-5 minute
presentations containing
video, music and narration
and can be linked to your
website -- an ideal way to
help increase your hit count.

CD Cards Sample:


BorMar utilizes the latest technology to meet 

any commercial demand from home-based 

businesses to corporations and institutions.

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